Important Webinars coming up!

Do not miss out on important Webinars happening next week! Ken Brough will be hosting Webinars that clarify Junior Influencer and Jolani Jolie will host interactive Hot Seat Webinars that supercharge your profile! Webinars will be held on different days [...]

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Websites Maintenance Notice

A scheduled System Upgrade for all of our Websites will be in effect for an estimated 1-4 hours on Wednesday, 18th of September 2019, between 01:00 AM and 4:00 AM CDT (Central Daylight Time, US). Our technicians will be working [...]

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Master Influencer Growth

We have been receiving a lot of interest in our new evergreen Master Influencer product. This new product supercharges the how-tos of Social Media Marketing for your Brand and your Business, and no one else provides the value and results [...]

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Evergreen Product Release

We are very excited to share some wonderful news about our newest High-Value Evergreen Product, Master Influencer. Master Influencer supercharges the how-tos of Social Media Marketing for your Brand and your Business.   The Master Influencer Product is now complete [...]

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Corporate Association and Brand Compliance

By Lifestyle Galaxy Policy we have refrained from supporting or being associated with any other direct sales companies. We also refrain from giving positive or negative advice regarding any other direct sales companies. There are a number of legitimate direct [...]

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