There have been many requests for each purchaser of mining hardware equipment to have the power to determine when their equipment is turned on or off and that is what this feature provides.

Mining equipment that is on can be switched off at any time and applicable equipment that is turned off may be switched on.

There are two points to consider:

  1. When you switch your mining equipment on or off, it will take up to 24 hours to be turned on or off. If you don’t like your choice from the previous day you can simply change it the next day and it will be turned back on or off within approximately 24 hours or less. The time it takes for equipment to be turned on or off may be longer on weekends and holidays.
  2. When the normal costings of physical mining hardware such as management, maintenance and electricity exceed the value of coin produced, then the coin will be subtracted from the amount of coin available to the purchaser through their management control panel in order to keep the equipment running. In this case, running the physical mining hardware could be considered not viable at that point in time. Please keep in mind that not all equipment currently mines viably from the standpoint of coins produced vs normal operational expenses. But of course this could change from day to day depending on the market conditions and the normal costings of physical mining hardware such as management, maintenance and electricity. For example, if the value of a coin suddenly increases, the amount of coin generated in comparison to the normal costings will normally increase.

So it’s possible for equipment that is not currently mining viably to mine viably again.

Because each purchaser of computer mining hardware can determine if their equipment is turned off or on through their mining management control panel, it is therefore the responsibility of each individual who has purchased mining equipment to monitor and manage their account settings in order to determine if their equipment should be running or not. Because of this, the point is that the choice and responsibility of when to mine is in the hands of computer hardware mining purchasers instead of in the hands of the company. The management and maintenance team for physical mining hardware provides many necessary services such as maintenance, repair, management and upgrades services to physical mining hardware which is co-located in the mining facilities. Upgrades include new firmware and software upgrades that can provide superior mining performance at a lower electricity usage rate for older equipment.