We have made a decision to discontinue the purchases of new mining equipment at this time. Our decision is based on the mining industry and especially what we have witnessed after years of purchasing from the major ASIC manufactures.

Very important: This decision WILL NOT affect current members who are mining with us in any way. We plan to continue fully supporting mining equipment as usual. Our strong commitment to our members continues. In other words, this announcement absolutely does not affect current mining, only the sale of new mining equipment at this time.

As an organisation, we are committed to having products available to our members that we can rely on to always perform in ways that benefit all our members in the long term.

However, with mining equipment there have been many red flags regarding certain actions by some manufactures which certain people might consider as highly “monopolistic practices”.

We will begin selling mining equipment again when and only when we can be assured that the equipment will truly provide the long term mining to every purchaser of this computer mining hardware. We refuse to sell a product that we cannot sell in good conscience at this time.

We hope that the marketplace will change for the better.

Despite the fact that the company makes very slim margin profits on the sale of computer mining hardware equipment, it could be profitable but our values come before profits.