Special Charity Interview Video

We are proud to share a Special Interview Video with our CFO, Randy Prince and the Operations Director of the NCCF, Helen Fraser. One of the special topic discussed was the recent Lifestyle Galaxy Donation to the Nashua Children’s Charity [...]

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Exciting Charity Cheque Delivery

We are pleased to share a special video of our CFO, Randy Prince handing over a cheque to a Charity we truly believe in, the Nashua Children’s Charity Foundation (NCCF). This was made possible thanks to the collaboration of our [...]

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Lifestyle Galaxy 2019 International Annual Awards and Gala

The Lifestyle Galaxy 2019 International Annual Awards and Gala will be held August 23rd – August 25th at the Cape Town International Convention Centre in Cape Town South Africa. This could easily be the largest Lifestyle Galaxy recognition event ever [...]

Compliance Quiz Completion a Fundamental Requirement

The Compliance Quiz first cut-off completion date was Sunday 15 July 2018. Many of our members have successfully taken the Lifestyle Galaxy Compliance Quiz, but we still have quite a number who have not completed this quiz. The Board and Executive [...]

Meritocracy Genesis Promotion Results 24 Aug to 30 Sept 2018

The original Meritocracy Genesis Promotion was held from 24 Aug 2018 to 10 September 2018. It was then extended from 11 September to 30 September 2018. There were 4 different groups who formed part of the results in the Meritocracy [...]

SPECTACULAR 2018 Worldwide Annual Company Event!

We have just experienced the 'Year of the Servant Leader 2018' Lifestyle Galaxy Worldwide Annual Company Event in Malaysia on the Island of Langkawi at the Langkawi International Conference Centre 10th through 13th August 2018. We celebrated 'A Spectrum of [...]

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