We will begin this announcement as we previously have before. However, this announcement also contains fresh information.

By Lifestyle Galaxy Policy we have refrained from supporting or being associated with any direct sales companies. We also refrain from giving positive or negative advice regarding any other direct sales companies.

We are not and have never been publicly or privately associated with and do not have relationships with Mannatech, Organo Gold, Karatbars, MTI, Zurvita, C Leaf Infinite Resources, Eaconomy, World Ventures, iMarketsLive or any other direct sales company.

We all know that there are both legitimate companies and scams in many different industries.

However, there are a number of reasons why Lifestyle Galaxy is not a network marketing company today or has ever been associated with any other companies in the network marketing industry.

As we observe the network marketing industry today, we have observed certain trends that we find concerning. This is especially true of a number recent companies that have begun during the time of COVID-19 which call themselves “network marketing”, make huge income claims and are likely scams. These new startups and unethical companies should never be confused with legitimate companies that use legitimate compensation plans but sometimes the confusion still occurs. We are beginning to believe that the network marketing industry is becoming more tainted than ever by scams, many of which were founded during the time of the COVID-19 crisis.

It appears that the number of scam companies making huge income claims and earnings estimates, combined with a network marketing compensation plan has been increasing every year and more and more people are becoming victims.

Even many ethical network marketing companies do not spend considerable resources on compliance sites, and attempting to ensure that their independent reps do not use marketing hype because this costs them sales, time and money.

Instead, the focus for many companies is usually on generating as many sales as quickly as possible regardless of the cost. While this strategy works well in the short term it usually works extremely badly in the long term. This is why so many network marketing companies only last 18-24 months.

There have been many times in our company’s history where other companies who were willing to make sizeable income claims enjoyed sales that far exceeded our own. A few of these companies are still around but the vast majority came and went during our company’s history.

Our company has lasted much longer than many others because we always chose to follow a conservative and compliant approach.

We’ve always been proud of our strict compliance policies, ethical standards and that the company has never made any income claims or estimates of any kind.

Of course, there are many legitimate companies which have also received negativity which they did not deserve. It’s possible for legitimate companies to prove their legitimacy again and again, in an industry that we believe may be becoming ever more tainted, but this can be tiring at best.

We’ve always spent a lot of time on our products and services and we’re working harder than ever to provide greater value each day! As we continue to move forward with the benefit of our customers in mind, we’ve reflected on what industry we want our products and services to be part of.

We recently had a customer demand a refund for a product purchase that he made in early 2018! This was the first time he contacted our support team. What makes the situation more interesting and bizarre is that he admitted that he didn’t have a problem with the product that he purchased!

Instead, he complained that some of the products that our company sells were promoted to him by people independent of the company who were also promoting other companies, some of which turned out badly. Because he also joined a company which turned out badly on the recommendation of an individual who also recommended our products and services as well, he felt we might be somehow to blame. This makes no logical sense but it still happened.

We have had strong policies that forbid the mixed promotion of our company with any other company. But no matter how strong our compliance department has been, no compliance department in the world can stop every violation of its policies.

When he threatened us, our global network of attorneys took care of the rest.

We will not allow any guilt by association with companies that we never had any dealings with.

We’ve worked very diligently to be legal, ethical and compliant and demand the same from all independent sales people since the beginning.

Our company has always been in control of our compliance policies and has gone beyond the majority of companies in making certain that every independent sales representative read them, understood them and complied with them.

Years ago we released our required compliance quiz for all our representatives:


This compliance quiz requires each representative to complete a test of more than 20 questions, proving that they understand and fully agree to all our policies and procedures. The topics of the quiz specifically covers the fact that independent reps are never allowed to make any income claims, sell an investment or to provide financial advice.

We know that our levels of Ethical and Legal compliance are more strict than many companies in the industry. We even built an entire website dedicated to compliance, here: https://LifestyleGalaxyCompliance.com/

and we require anyone who desires to promote or sell any of our products and services to pass our compliance quiz.

We respect that there are many legitimate companies in the world today. We strive to be one of those companies.