Lifestyle Galaxy has made the decision that it is no longer accepting any new sales and new members in South Africa. There haven’t been any new sales for a while in South Africa and the African continent. Unfortunately, the majority of our members in South Africa left to other companies over a year ago, which we are deeply saddened about. We’ve heard that a number of those companies may no longer be in existence today.

We would also like to encourage everyone to read our Network Marketing, Corporate Association, and Brand Compliance update:

We would also take this opportunity to reassure members of our continued support in the future.

Very important: We will not go away! All normal customer support will continue for many years to come.

None of our products or services will be affected by this announcement in any way or form. We remain committed to serving our membership.

This announcement only pertains to new sales and new membership within the African continent. We will continue to serve all of our existing members for years to come.