Lifestyle Galaxy has begun a generous 1 level commission compensation plan for the sale of all products and services.

This update does not affect funds previously paid to members.

Lifestyle Galaxy respects the network marketing industry but it is not an industry that Lifestyle Galaxy wants to continue being involved with. In fact, we’ve always been advocates of generous up front commissions.

The exception was computer Mining Hardware. No commissions were ever paid on the initial product purchases of any computer mining hardware in order to provide as much product value as possible. This is the way that things have always been with these purchases since the beginning.

Certain other products that shared commissions did so with an affiliate commission as well.

Many network marketing companies have difficulties expanding into many regions that view network marketing companies badly.

Sticking to a 1 level affiliate program allows us to bring new high value products and services to existing members and also to make them available for new members throughout the world.

As always, we are highly committed to supporting the LG family of products. We are always looking to expand and upgrade our product lines to the benefit of our members.