We’re constantly working on behalf of our members. We have never given advice and we never will. We never advised people what coins they should mine, how to set their back-office settings or when they should turn their miners on or off. The markets are highly volatile at this time, but the good news is that, as of the time of this writing, S9s once again have slight profitability, meaning that they can once again mine more coins than are needed for mining expenses.

Please remember that the market is continually fluctuating between the global network hash-rate, global network difficulty, and BTC price each moment.

We must be extremely cautious in our phrasing because we don’t want someone to turn on their S9 for a week, mine profitably for two days, and then not mine profitability (expenses higher than coin generated) for five days and end up loosing coin because the market is extremely volatile with major factors out of our control, such as the total network hash rate and difficulty levels, but the decision is yours.

In our last announcement, the search for S9 profitability, https://lifestylegalaxyupdates.com/the-search-for-s9-profitability/ we covered a number of things that the company has been working on to help our members who own older mining equipment. We’re pushing forward with all of these points to the benefit of our members!

Please remember that we do not have the same electrical rates as certain regions of China.
We are at the mercy of the utility companies regarding the rates that they choose to charge, which was explained in much more detail within our last Mining Updates Webinar which covered all the details. Perhaps we’ll be able to negotiate better rates in the future. We are certainly making an effort!

We strongly encourage you to read In our last announcement, the search for S9 profitability here https://lifestylegalaxyupdates.com/the-search-for-s9-profitability/

At the end of the day, this is certainly good news as there is more hope for the future.

We’re still here.
We’re working every day on our member’s behalf.
We’re not going anywhere.
We will release more good news as soon as we have it.
We wish you good health and safety during this challenging time.