It has always been LG’s policy to handle support messages through the member’s back office, NOT by email. This will not change.

We have experienced some email server issues and do not have the technical staff to repair all email issues.

Please remember that email was never officially designated to be used for support, that’s what the support system in the member’s back office is for.

Emails sent to an LG email between approximately June 20th onwards had delivery issues and since that time those email addresses have become no longer operational. The company was legally dissolved years ago, see previous announcements on the company updates and the home page for more details. The large support and technical staff that existed during the time of the company’s operation no longer exists. Support through part time freelancers through the back office continues as it has for years and will continue for years to come.

The strong commitment exists 100% to help good legitimate members and will continue for years to come.

To this end, an automated or semi-automated solution will quickly be found.

Cases where a 2FA issue exists, for example, because a member has changed their email or their phone and cannot access their back office, then an automated or semi-automated system is designed to provide a solution.

As stated above, it was never believed that an email solution was a good solution and so emails will not be returning in the future as they are not optimal for part time freelance support or for members because we want good members to get help more quickly with a faster solution that’s an automated or semi-automated solution.

As stated above, support of good members will continue for years to come.