Lifestyle Galaxy has you protected!

Lifestyle Galaxy has invested a lot of time through our programmers and security team to make certain their Members have the tools to protect their personal information. The security we have in place protects the Members and the Company from [...]

A Company that will NOT be Defrauded!

As Lifestyle Galaxy has continued to rapidly expand in both size and in the value that it provides to its members, it has also been increasingly the target of scams against the Company. These scams against the Company have been [...]

International OPEN Auction Roadshow Sunday 27th May 2018!

Auction Galaxy proudly announces an International OPEN Auction Galaxy Roadshow on Sunday 27th May 2018 with 4 incredible prizes: $500 ETH  $500 BTC $500 LITECOIN Mining Package $1000 DASH Mining Package The African Countries that will join this Auction: South Africa 12.00 Midday SAST [...]

May Promotion “Lifestyle in Paradise” EXTENDED!

Due to several requests from the field, the current May promotion which is in place over the period 1st to 15 May 2018, is hereby extended to provide you with more chances to qualify: The promotion will be extended for [...]

Compliance takes Lifestyle Galaxy NEXT LEVEL!

Lifestyle Galaxy demands that it follows the immutable ethical values as stated on To that end we have created a Compliance Quiz which all our Independent Representatives will need to complete to become certified. However, it's not enough for [...]

Important: Compliance Certification Released! Take action now!

As Lifestyle Galaxy continues to grow and expand it is imperative that our Independent Representatives understand the importance of being compliant while representing the Company. The Compliance Quiz is located in your Lifestyle Galaxy Back Office. Log in as usual, [...]