We’ve recently been alerted to an account phishing scam attempt, where a few members have been receiving emails claiming that they need to upgrade their Lifestyle Galaxy account.

IMPORTANT Caution: DO NOT take action on the invite to ‘CLICK HERE’ with emails received in question which prompt email account holders with the following message:

‘Improve Minning Records’. Note the spelling error! That normally is a clear indication of phishing.

Here are some very important points:
1. These messages were not sent by Lifestyle Galaxy. They are scam messages attempting to get members to click. The ONLY website that Lifestyle Galaxy asks its members to go to is our official https://LifestyleGalaxyUpdates.com website.

2. Your accounts are perfectly safe and private and will remain so unless you give out your password to someone else.

3. As Lifestyle Galaxy has requested and insisted upon many times, always enable Two Factor Authentication (2FA)!

Never click on strange looking messages asking for any account information or details. Always enable 2FA.

Once again, your account information is safe and private and will remain so.