By Lifestyle Galaxy Policy we have refrained from supporting or being associated with any other direct sales companies. We also refrain from giving positive or negative advice regarding any other direct sales companies.

Lifestyle Galaxy has also never made or authorised any of our representatives to make any income claims, sell any investment or provide any form of financial advice.

This announcement confirms the announcements that we released on the 8th of July 2019:

and on the 3rd of April 2019:

Years ago we released our required compliance quiz for all our representatives:

This compliance quiz requires each representative to complete a test of more than 20 questions, proving that they understand and fully agree to all our policies and procedures. The topics of the quiz specifically covers the fact that independent reps are never allowed to make any income claims, sell an investment or to provide financial advice.

There are a number of legitimate direct sales companies. We simply aren’t associated with any other direct sales company.

As stated in our announcement on the 8th of July 2019:

We are not and have never been publicly or privately associated with and do not have relationships with Mannatech, Organo Gold, Karatbars, Zurvita, Eaconomy, World Ventures, iMarketsLive or any other direct sales company.

This announcement confirms the announcement that we released on the 3rd of April 2019:

Although our previous announcement (which we strongly encourage you to read) stated our position clearly, our support team has still received messages from people wondering if we were associated with one or more of the companies stated above, or if there has ever been a “secret deal” between our company and any other. THE ANSWER IS NO!

The idea that we might somehow be associated with another company can occur when certain members promote our company alongside with a different company.

To prevent this confusion, we have created some strict policies previously announced in April.

We want to remind everyone of those policies and how we continue to stand strong on compliance with said policies.

We do not lock members into just our company. We do not force members to sign a contract that locks them into our company alone.

However, we do have very strict policies about cross-promotion, strict advertising policies and strict policies on what may and may not be stated by our Independent Representatives.

We know that our levels of Ethical and Legal compliance are more strict than many companies in the industry. We even built an entire website dedicated to compliance, here:

and we require all of our independent representatives to pass our compliance quiz.

We are aware that our stringent level of ethical and legal compliance has cost us some sales that we could have had if our policies were more relaxed. However, we have always been focused on the long term and providing an opportunity for our members that will stand the test of time.

As a company, we refrain from giving any form of financial advice. Our policies forbid our members from discussing any form of investment or giving any kind of financial advice.

We respect that there are many legitimate opportunities in the world today.

Our focus has always been to protect our members and provide them with a long-term future that they can depend on.