The Compliance Quiz first cut-off completion date was Sunday 15 July 2018.

Many of our members have successfully taken the Lifestyle Galaxy Compliance Quiz, but we still have quite a number who have not completed this quiz.

The Board and Executive Team would like to encourage all the new Value Club who have not completed the Compliance Quiz, to do so soonest.

Leaders are requested to assist Value Club Members in completing the Compliance Quiz as part of the new members’ start-up. The sooner the new Value Club Members understand our way of doing business, the better.

If you have successfully completed the quiz before, you do NOT need to respond to this Company Announcement to re-do the quiz.

Please keep in mind that you would need to have completed the quiz to continue building your team as a Certified Independent Representative.

Please remember that only Certified Independent Representatives will be authorised to earn commissions in the future.

As a Company, we are very committed to compliance and the protection of all of our good members. We are doing this to ensure a excellent future for all of our good members for many years to come.

It is strongly advised that all of our members read the Compliance guide which includes all the information to enable them to pass the Compliance Quiz on the first try! Reading these 3 ½ pages contains all of information to answer every question asked in the quiz.

Please take the time now to go to your back office so you can read the Compliance guide and pass the quiz!

You will find the compliance quiz in the ‘Business Management’ section of your member’s back office where you will scroll down to ‘Lifestyle Compliance Certificate’.

Be on the lookout for this phrase:

Please read the Compliance Certificate Document BEFORE you take the test. You can download it here.” 

Then Click on the part which says: 

This what the Compliance Certificate Document looks like: 

We look forward to all of you completing the quiz and obtaining your certificate.