The Lifestyle Galaxy 2019 International Annual Awards and Gala will be held August 23rd – August 25th at the Cape Town International Convention Centre in Cape Town South Africa.

This could easily be the largest Lifestyle Galaxy recognition event ever held. The awardees are expected to come from all corners of the Lifestyle Galaxy world.

How do Lifestyle Galaxy Independent Representatives qualify to walk across the stage and be honored for their success? Those who started early and continue their momentum through 2018 and deep into 2019 are going to experience special moments as they are honored by their family and peers.

The qualifying levels will be determined by the gross income earned from July 1st, 2018 through June 30th, 2019. This income will include: cycle bonuses, matching bonuses, affiliate commissions and direct sales commissions. This income will exclude ANY mining rewards.

All Lifestyle Galaxy members and their family will be able to purchase Gala tickets for $200 each. These tickets must be purchased in advanced and will entitle the holder to lunch and dinner (at the Gala) on Saturday August 24th.

The 2019 Annual Awards Incentive calculations will be made based on your gross income for the period of July 1st, 2018 through June 30th, 2019. The levels, income required and incentives are detailed as follows:

Level Income Incentive
Galaxy Explorer No Qualification Needed n/a
Annual Galaxy 1 $ 5 000 to $ 7 499 Pin + Gala Ticket*
Annual Galaxy 2 $ 7 500 to $ 11 499 Pin + Trophy + $600 
Annual Galaxy 3 $11 500 to $ 16 499 Pin + Trophy + $700
Annual Galaxy 4 $16 500 to $ 23 499 Pin + Trophy + $950
Annual Galaxy 5 $ 23 500 to $ 33 499 Pin + Trophy + $1100
Annual Galaxy 6 $ 33 500 to $ 46 999 Pin + Trophy + $1600
Annual Galaxy 7 $47 000 to $ 64 999 Pin + Trophy + $2500 
Galaxy Master $ 65 000 to $ 94 999 Pin + Trophy + $4000
Galaxy Double Master $ 95 000 to $ 134 999 Pin + Trophy + $5000
Galaxy Triple Master $135 000 to $184 999 Pin + Trophy + $7500
Galaxy Grand Master $185 000 + Pin + Trophy + $10000

Special Awards will be presented for individuals who demonstrate leadership and/or service that is far above and beyond the levels of their peers. Examples of these awards are as follows:

*Galaxy Service Award
*Galaxy Top Performer
*Galaxy Country Director
*Galaxy Founder Award


ALL incentives are contingent upon the fact that members are in ATTENDANCE in Cape Town South Africa at the Cape Town International Conference Centre. If members do not attend, they forfeit all event incentives and awards.

Help us celebrate YOU, our top performers, in Cape Town South Africa:

Friday August 23rd – Registration from 1:00 pm to 7:00 pm.
Saturday August 24th – Corporate and Country Leadership meetings, followed in the evening by a GALA event. This function will include dinner, entertainment, and the Annual Awards Ceremony. (Details to follow)
Sunday August 25th – Special Activities and Excursions.

Accommodation details with a special booking code, to follow.

This event recognises the top Lifestyle Galaxy performers in the world. The top performers understand that success is function of creating and maintaining momentum until the finish line is crossed. It is true in life and it is true in this event.

Take massive action today and continue to take action every day.