Today the cryptocurrency market has been climbing.

At the time of this writing, Bitcoin was up more than 8% while Ethereum was up more than 10%, Monero is up more than 12% and Zcash is up over 15%!

An interesting trend: When BTC goes up, some of the best MultiMining coins in the industry often go up even more.

As we’ve been saying for two years now, GPU MultiMining is the future of mining.

We’ve constantly been proven right and the S3s / S3 Upgrades are taking that power to a whole new level.

Will the rise in cryptocurrencies value (compared to fiat currency) continue during the short term? To us, it doesn’t matter much. There are opportunities on both sides.

During a crash is where you see the weak burn while the movements that are proven to stand the test of time just keep on going stronger.

What if the crypto market continues to go way up tomorrow?

What if it goes down instead?

Really, who cares?

That isn’t as audacious of a statement as you think! Remember: History repeats itself with alarming regularity and let’s not forget that right before the Dotcom crash Google was worth a gigantic $81 before crashing down to $11? Imagine all the people who purchased Google at $81, mocked by their family and friends at all the LOSS of value! Today, it’s worth more than $1,000.

So, what about crypto?

While we NEVER make income claims or “predictions”, we have a very clear understanding of the trend we’re on and it’s a very, VERY GOOD trend, regardless of what happens in the short term.

We’ve already seen a trend like this a few times, with the Internet, but smaller.

Remember that China claimed that the value of blockchain is 10 times that of the Internet.

It was also predicted that blockchain will give rise to companies with market values at least 10 times bigger than centralized companies like Google and Facebook.

We’re going for the big prize. This is why it’s all about standing the test of time.

Those who are part of the right Lifestyle Opportunity (instead of just another “deal”) and push harder during the “bear” times usually end up being the greatest winners during the “bull” times.

Did you think that $400 to $19,000 was a bull run? Yes, it was but many of the world’s smartest people, armed with the knowledge of the four great bull runs, believe it was just the beginning.

Many are talking about how institutional investors have been getting into crypto in a huge way while foolish scared people panic sold during the last dip.

These institutional investors may include some of the world’s largest universities, including Harvard, Stanford and MIT.

For those who panic sold, some of the world’s largest and most reputable institutional investors may be thanking the panic sellers for allowing THEM to quietly buy so cheaply!

When those who panic sold, they lost.

With mining? Nothing was lost and more is still gained. Mining is SO POWERFUL.

We strongly believe that mining is the most powerful form of cryptocurrency acquisition.

This has been proven during the hard times as well.

Those who were lucky enough to have mining equipment didn’t lose… they just kept on mining… at least some of them. You see, Mining is SO POWERFUL… unless it stops.

For many, it did stop.
For our lucky members, it just keeps on going and just keeps getting better.

MultiMining version 2.0 is coming to S3 MultiMining equipment! For the lucky members who were able to purchase S2 equipment before it was sold out will be receiving this soon.

Remember the three major updates which each S3 upgrade includes, as stated within our previous announcement, the Thanksgiving Revelation!

Regardless of what the crypto market does in the short term, it’s obvious who the long-term winners will be.

The more mining (especially MultiMining) the more power you have, the more you will be part of the future which is unquestionably changing the world.

Cryptocurrencies and Blockchain Reshaping Global Economic Structure.