Our Movement has always been built to stand the test of time and enrich the lives of our members, because we’re not just some mining company. We’re way beyond just a mining company, as we’ve already proven and continue to prove more every day.

  • We’re already proven. We’ve stood the test of time. We will never need to do the impossible. All we need to do is to stand the test of time. Foolish people said we’d be dead by April 2016.
  • Their “deals” and “schemes” and companies that they said were the best have gone under or stopped mining. Now it’s November 2018.
  • For some there is the spirit of Thanksgiving. Guess who is still standing? We are. That’s the start of what we all can be thankful for.

Here are a few other things to think about:

  • Guess which company is more than just a mining company?
  • Guess which company has had more visitors to its mines than any other in the world?
  • Guess which company is having it’s largest mine visit ever, coming up in November? (About a year away? Uh uh. Just a week away!)
  • Guess which company made all the right deals for numerous mining facilities?

We will always do right by our members. Although it’s obvious that we’re so much more than a mining company, that fact empowers our mining and strengthens our commitment to mining even more, because our Galaxy of Products must all work together. That fact encourages us and allows our mining to stand the test of time well beyond others, a fact that we’ve proven numerous times over the years and will continue to prove.

We were mining when Bitcoin was $400. We constantly made business decisions that were of greater benefit to our members. When others stop mining, guess what happens? THE MINING GETS EASIER FOR THOSE WHO ARE STILL MINING. That’s how Cryptocurrencies work.

Those who panic when the market is low, loose. Those who are with the right movement designed to stand the test of time, WIN.

When others call it quits, the global hashrate drops, which makes things easier for those who are still mining and rewards them with more coin.

We’re just getting started!

RE: Cryptocurrencies
Ethereum has been called Bitcoin 2.0, so what is the potential of GALAXIAS? Time will tell. We love standing the test of time.
That’s always been one of the things that we’re best at.

Additional proof of our commitment to stand the test of time and do the best by our members was proven with another world’s first, the S1 to S3 upgrade. We are the first company in the world offer this and we’ve done so at a very low price too.

This upgrade is not just a hardware upgrade. In fact, it’s well beyond that.

As stated on our last Webinar, what you pay for once is a full three part upgrade which includes:

  • Upgraded Mining Hardware
  • Upgraded Software, including our new innovative MultiMining 2.0
  •  New EcoPod Type-2 Mining Facilities (which over 100 people around the world will be visiting THIS month!)

This new EcoPod Type-2 mining facility is superior to the mining facility where the S1 equipment was deployed. It has lower rates than the facility where the S1 miners had their deployment. This fact is of huge importance for the future.

Combine that with all three benefits and the low upgrade pricing, a first in the industry for these new S3 upgrades. There is an extremely clear opportunity to upgrade to S3 hardware now which many intelligent members are already taking.

At this precious time for many around the world, it is Thanksgiving so let’s take this opportunity to be grateful for what we achieved so far and what is yet to be achieved now and in the future. That’s the start of what we all can be thankful for.