Accommodation Details for Malaysia Company Event

The Annual Awards Company Event scheduled to take place at the Langkawi International Convention Centre (LICC) 10 to 12 August 2018 is approaching fast. The Convention Centre where the Company Annual Awards Event will be held is next to the [...]

Sell 3 get 1 FREE Product Voucher and Charity Donation Promotion!

We are pleased to announce our kickoff promotion for 2018 to enhance your income earnings for the Malaysia Event Qualifications. We will also allow our members the opportunity to become contributors to charities located in our two Major Regional Areas, [...]

Special Updates Webinar Registration Details

Here is the "Special Updates Webinar" registration link happening on Tuesday 20th February 2018. Please register for the Company Webinar by clicking on the LINK BELOW: Company Webinar Tuesday 20 February 2018 After registering, you will receive a confirmation [...]

Unbelievable SUCCESS for the Feed the Children Promotion!

Lifestyle Galaxy’s Feed the Children Campaign was our promotion which started 1st through 15th of December and was extend to the 31st which was: ‘For every Value Club Membership that you sell, the company will feed a child on your [...]