Our security team is very pleased to announce our new Pin Code system, an additional security system with additional benefits that is the next evolution in keeping our members safe and secure.

Members who did not turn on Two Factor Authentication (2FA), now have the Pin Code System automatically enabled on their account as a new security feature which provides them with extra safety and security.

The pin code system works by sending a six digit pin code to your email address on file.

A pin code email is only sent when you or someone attempts to log into your account.

Members who have Two Factor Authentication (2FA) turned on are able to log in immediately without needing a pin code.

Turning Two Factor Authentication (2FA) ON automatically turns the Pin Code system OFF.

Turning Two Factor Authentication (2FA) OFF automatically turns the Pin Code system ON.

We strongly encourage and recommend Two Factor Authentication (2FA) to all our members. Turning on Two Factor Authentication (2FA) is our preferred security method.

Once Two Factor Authentication (2FA) has been configured correctly, it is faster to login with 2FA then with the Pin Code system.

This is because the pin code system must send you an email, which may be slightly delayed, while the 2FA system immediately shows you the required code on your smartphone, which is instant, easy and fast!

The security of your account is one of our highest priorities. Our security system is SAFE and will keep you safe if you enable it and use it as we have requested. No one will ever know your password unless you gave it out or your computer was hacked. We will be releasing updated security requirements for our members in the near future.

Once again, please note that our security system is 100% SAFE.
Our system has NOT been hacked and all accounts remain SAFE!

Thank you for choosing the solution that KEEPS YOU SAFE.