For years, helping our members to always stay safe has been a top priority.

On the 10th of December, hackers once again tried to violate our security system to hurt our members and we once again KEPT OUR MEMBERS SAFE.

On Monday the 10th of December hackers managed to get access to our aWeber account and sent out a fake email asking for user accounts and passwords through a fake link.

Note that the aWeber system is not in any way connected to our main security system and as always our accounts security system remained safe at all times.

Our security team immediately took multiple actions and through “trial by fire” we once again succeeded in


All member accounts were temporarily blocked and anyone logged in was immediately logged out, so even if hackers had access to user accounts and passwords they could not log in.

We want to be clear that the hackers never succeeded in gaining access to our security system or the accounts of any of our members.

At no time was any part of our system compromised.
Our security system continued to keep our members SAFE.

Within 30 minutes of blocking all accounts, full access was restored to all members who had Two Factor Authentication (2FA) enabled.

Thanks to our security team, we are honored to state that we have never had a fraudulent attempt succeed on any of our members accounts as long as the member correctly used the security system that we provided them with.

This means that our account security system has proven 100% SAFE for all of our members who have properly used our security system. For example, enabling 2FA.

For nearly two years we have asked members to enable Two Factor Authentication (2FA).

We’ve also helped our precious members to turn on Two Factor Authentication by giving our members a very easy guide to follow.

Because of this attack, we have decided to also implement our new Pin Code system, an additional security system with additional benefits that is the next evolution in keeping our members safe and secure.

To learn more about our new Pin Code Security System read all about here.

It’s wonderful that we have continued to keep our members safe. Additionally, we’re going to keep providing more benefits to our members as well! More updates to follow.

Please see for official updates as usual.