We are pleased to announce that we are extending the 3 plus 1 Promotion with a Twist, at your leaders request, to Thursday, 7th February 2019, 11.59 PM PST.

The Auctions associated with this promotion will take place on Saturday, 9th of February 2019 at the following times:

Times for OPEN and VIP Auction:

African Countries:

  • South Africa: 12.00 Midday SAST
  • Namibia: 12.00 Midday SAST
  • Zimbabwe: 12.00 Midday SAST
  • Kenya: 12.00 Midday SAST
  • Nigeria: 12.00 Midday SAST

European Countries:

  • Netherlands: 11.00 am CEST
  • Belgium: 11.00 am CEST
  • United Kingdom: 10.00 am BST


  • Australia 9 pm Australian Time

South East Asia Continent:

  • Malaysia 6 pm MST
  • Singapore 6 pm
  • Philippines 6 pm

This is your opportunity to continue your massive action. Don’t miss out on this extended opportunity which includes both Open and the Supercharged VIP Auction!