We are very excited to announce that both Bitcoin Standard and Bitcoin EcoPod are now being subsidised by the Company!

If you have recently logged into to your Back Office, you probably noticed that your Mining Dashboard is Operational!

As previously mentioned, we have been working around the clock in order to find the best solution for our miners and to make certain that all equipment is mining again.

Our main goal is to provide the best service possible to our members. We were able to make your Mining operational again by using the Company’s owned Mining Equipment.

This will cause the company to lose money in the short term. It’s because of our careful planning that we have been able to stand strong during difficult times and continue to grow while others shut down.

Our Members will always come first and we will always do right for our members.

We are very happy to share that the rewards for both Bitcoin Standard and Bitcoin EcoPod are now flowing to our members once again.

The company will also continue to provide mining updates as they become available.