Receive a free gifted voucher at the time that you sell 3 Value Club Memberships and VIP Bid Credits for every sale. (This promotion is Limited to 1 gift voucher and as many VIP Bid Credits as you can earn).

You get 10 VIP Bid Credits for each of the first 3 VCM sold and then we will double to 20 VIP Bid Credits thereafter.

1 VCM – 10 VIP Bid Credit
2 VCM – 20 VIP Bid Credits
3 VCM – Gifted Voucher and 30 VIP Credits
4 VCM – 50 VIP Bid Credits
5 VCM – 70 VIP Bid Credits
6 VCM – 90 VIP Bid Credits

Massive Bonanza Auction on Saturday, 2nd of February 2019. This auction will include both OPEN Auction and VIP Bid Credit Auction.

There will be a surprise that will make this Auction extra special! YOU WILL want to participate in this Auction.

The promotion will start on Friday, 18th of January 2019 and it will end at 11.59 PM PST on Thursday, 31st of January 2019.

Take immediate action today, don’t miss out on this amazing opportunity and qualify for this 3 plus 1 Special Promotion which includes both Open and amazing VIP Auction!