We’re excited to announce that the Master Influencer Promotion Webinar hosted by Ken Brough (Lifestyle Galaxy CEO) will be held next week. Everyone is invited to hear about the importance of creating Momentum and how to sell the Master Influencer Plans to Network Marketers. You don’t want to miss the exciting opportunities and benefits for the upcoming MI promotions that will be revealed!

Webinar details:

Webinar times (depending on the location/time zone):

The African Countries that will join the Webinar:

  • Cape Town: 5.30 PM SAST
  • Zimbabwe: 5.30 PM CAT

The European Countries that will join the Webinar:

  • Netherlands: 4.30 PM CEST

The South East Asia Region that will join:

  • Philippines: 11.30 PM PST
  • Malaysia: 11.30 PM MYT

Everyone is invited! Register your spot quickly and join the exciting Master Influencer Promotion Webinar with Ken!