Support Update

December was a month of incredible successes and these increases in business brought corresponding increases in support issues:

• Multiple new members are not yet trained in our system
• How to use our Voucher System
• How to buy a mine and submit sufficient payment
• The holiday schedules created a shortage in both support team and leaders (trainers)

The combination of these factors has left us with a backlog of support tickets which are being addressed as rapidly as possible.

We are well aware that our support is currently not matching our standards and consequently has not delivered up to the standards that you have been accustomed to in the past.

The Company’s Server Upgrades led to more queries and issues as those upgrades became fully functional within our daily operating system. December was the right time to upgrade our servers that will increase speed, reliability and future benefits for our members, but did come with its own challenges during implementation.

We have hired and are in the process of training additional customer support representatives to make the support board better.

We are working towards dramatically improving our performance on support in 2018.

In fact, as a company we are hiring two and half times more staff members than we have ever had before!!.

We are diligently addressing the backlog of support tickets which are currently outstanding. We stand by our commitment to resolve this issue and come out stronger and better than ever before.

How can you help? Be a little more patient in escalating your support tickets in the short term.

Every duplicated support request that is sent through multiple channels (through up lines, leaders, and executive team members) actually slows the ENTIRE process down. The bigger the load, the more time it takes. The more times you send in the same support request, the slower the system gets.

Please be patient and let us get the backlog resolved. Every ticket will be addressed.

We titled December as the “Month of Giving” but it turned out to be an “Explosion of Giving and Making the World a Better Place!”