Sell 3 get 1 FREE Product Voucher and Charity Donation Promotion!

We are pleased to announce our kickoff promotion for 2018 to enhance your income earnings for the Malaysia Event Qualifications. We will also allow our members the opportunity to become contributors to charities located in our two Major Regional Areas, namely South Africa and Malaysia

The Promotion will start on the 15th March 2018 and finish on the 31st of March 2017 at 11:59 pm PDT.

This promotion will provide the following:

  1. For every 3 new Value Club Members you enroll, you will receive a FREE Product Voucher – ‘Sell 3 Get 1 Free’!
  2. The Company will also provide Bonus Charity Rewards, on your behalf, which will benefit our respective charities!

This promotion is for Independent Reps, Existing Value Club Members and New Value Club Members.

Sell 3 Get 1 FREE Product Voucher Promotion

Independent Representatives will qualify for a FREE Product Voucher for every 3 New Value Club Members personally enrolled that can be used to sign up a new member, but note that you will not receive commissions in their tree when the Free Product Voucher is used.

Charity Rewards make the deal even more beneficial! The Charitable rewards for each enrollment is $5 and we have developed an accelerated scale. This will empower you to acquire more money for charity at each threshold defined below.

Scale applied during Limited Time Promotion for the Charity Donations:

Enrolled members   Accumulative $5 per enrollment Bonus reward Accumulative  Total
1 $5 $5
2 $10 $10
3 $15 $15
4 $20 $20
5 $25 $25
6 $30 $30 $60
7 $35 $95
8 $40 $135
9 $45 $50 $230
10 $50 $280
11 $55 $335
12 $60 $205 $600

As you can see above, for each member you enroll you will generate $5 for Charity. Due to this special promotion, the Charity will receive the total ACCUMULATED AMOUNT in the right hand column 100% from Lifestyle Galaxy Company funding.

This promotion will provide all our members to continue to become “the highest version of themselves” while earning income qualifications toward our Annual Awards Event in Malaysia and generating charitable contributions.