All S9 Lifestyle Galaxy Co-located Miners have been brought online, today the 24th of May so all equipment is now mining and the subsidy has ended.

We are pleased to announce this important milestone:

The various EcoPods and Miners had to be brought online in phases to facilitate repairs and evaluate throughput. A tremendous number of routers, servers and many other types of connectivity equipment has been replaced with new equipment at the company’s expense in order to bring everything back online.

Miners may see a small bump in performance as the subsidies are now dropped and all S9 mining throughput is a result of the S9 mining units.

If you have any questions about your mining rewards or wish to learn the full story of Lifestyle Galaxy and Giga Watt follow this link:

This has been an extremely difficult and expensive time for Lifestyle Galaxy as we subsidised the rewards for its members and came through a massive court case with Giga Watt. In the end, we stood the test of time and did right by our members.

It is all good news as we forge ahead together stronger than ever before!