It is our honour and pleasure to acknowledge Pavitra,
a 7 Figure Income Earner in Lifestyle Galaxy.

Pavitra writes: “I made an important business decision over 7 years ago and was absolutely stubborn about it. There were obstacles; I changed the direction but not the decision. I understand that I can’t avoid the hard days, but I can overcome them. I showed up every single day even though nothing seems to be happening in the beginning. The success I have now is from my determination to stay and progress. If your dreams are strong enough, then you will always have a reason to stay.

I thank Lifestyle Galaxy for making this achievement possible. The vehicle created by Lifestyle Galaxy is the ultimate success vehicle that made this success possible in a few short years. The positioning of the company as “Member’s Company” never changed and the company never stopped moving forward “To Make The World a Better Place”. I’m very fortunate to be part of this incredible movement. Legacy has always played an important role in shaping my character and skills.

Right mindset + Right vehicle = Success”

These are the humble words from a young girl and we are proud to call her a precious member of our family and our movement.

Help us to congratulate and celebrate our lady icon Pavitra Sathasivan. She is our first and youngest Malaysian (not including the country directors) 7 Figure Income Earner in the company and she is only 26 years old.

Pavitra did it in a few short years what takes an average Malaysian more than 33 years to do.

We are certainly overwhelmed by this achievement. Her loyalty and commitment will certainly take her to even greater heights.

Ken Brough, Lifestyle Galaxy’s CEO has stated: “Not all of the members who attend our events are top earners, but all of our top earners do attend our events!”

Pavitra has attended Lifestyle Galaxy’s events for five years in a row and traveled around the world in order to do so.

She has been to America for the last 5 years to attend our conference and has always been an achiever. Consistency pays. Known for her calm smile and organised smart work, she is a dynamic leader. Let Pavitra’s achievement to inspire you to become more in order to have more in life.

We, the management of Lifestyle Galaxy would like to congratulate her for the remarkable achievement and truly proud of her.

Lifestyle Galaxy is proud to acknowledge Pavitra’s achievements and provide her with the following gifts:

  • A gift of $2,500 S17 Pro mining equipment
  • A gift of $2,500 of Bitcoin
  • A gift of $2,500 GALAXIAS Prime