Our greatest Company Event EVER Worldwide!

The Company has designed its event in 2018 to be its most spectacular event ever. In previous years we have hosted our major annual worldwide event in Las Vegas.

This year our major worldwide event will be hosted on a beautiful island in Malaysia and it will be our most SPECTACULAR EVENT EVER!

This year’s Annual Company Awards Event is warming up the spotlights to focus on the top performers in Lifestyle Galaxy from around the world. This celebration will be held from the 10th to the 12th August 2018.

The Event will be held at the Langkawi International Convention Centre and the Westin Langkawi Resort & Spa Malaysia.

Saturday 11the August promises to be an action-packed day with presentations by Executive Team Members, Country Leaders, and an exciting Guest Speaker.

We will be having a GALA event on the Saturday evening. This function will include dinner, entertainment, and the Annual Awards Ceremony. (Details to follow)

We are pleased to announce this year’s Annual Corporate Awards incentives listed below:

Level Income Incentive

Level Income  Incentive
Galaxy Explorer No Qualification Needed   n/a
Galaxy 1 $ 5 000 to $ 7 499   Pin + Gala Ticket*
Galaxy 2 $ 7 500 to $ 11 499   Pin + Trophy + $600 + Gala Ticket*
Galaxy 3 $11 500 to $ 16 499   Pin + Trophy + $700 + Gala Ticket*
Galaxy 4 $16 500 to $ 23 499   Pin + Trophy + $950 + Gala Ticket*
Galaxy 5 23 500 to $ 33 499   Pin + Trophy + $1100 + Gala Ticket*
Galaxy 6 33 500 to $ 46 999   Pin + Trophy + $1600 + Gala Ticket*
Galaxy 7 $47 000 to $ 64 999   Pin + Trophy + $2500 + Gala Ticket*
Galaxy Master $ 65 000 to $ 94 999   Pin + Trophy + $4000 + Gala Ticket*
Galaxy Double Master $ 95 000 to $ 134 999   Pin + Trophy + $5000 + Gala Ticket*
Galaxy Triple Master $135 000 to $184 999   Pin + Trophy + $7500 + Gala Ticket*
Galaxy Grand Master $185 000 +   Pin + Trophy + $10000 + Gala Ticket*

* Please note that a Gala Ticket is provided for all qualifiers. These Gala tickets entitle the ticket holder to lunch on Saturday and the dinner served at the Gala Event on Saturday evening. Tickets for the day will be sold to all non-qualified members for $100. For all of those who purchase their tickets on or before 31st of May 2018, will receive preferential seating for the entertainment and awards ceremony. (Keep in mind we are expecting 1,000++ attendees. Where do you want to be seated?)

The 2018 calculations will be made based on your gross income for the period 1st of October 2017 through 30th of June 2018 in these categories:

  • Direct Sales Commissions (Fast Start Bonuses)
  • Cycle Bonuses
  • Matching Bonuses
  • Affiliate Commissions
  • Excluding any mining generated coins

The following coveted awards will crown the moment when the winners of these categories are celebrated:

  • Galaxy Service Award
  • Galaxy Top Performer
  • Galaxy Country Director
  • Galaxy Founder Award


ALL incentives are contingent upon the fact that you MUST be in ATTENDANCE in Langkawi Malaysia. If you do not attend, you will forfeit all incentives and awards.

Note: Incentives are awarded; they are not a reward and should not be deemed as an entitlement.

Accommodation details to follow soon!

Help us celebrate YOU, our top performers, on the Island of Langkawi in Malaysia.

This year’s event will reward you in ways that can provide you with huge blessings and be the next Lifestyle enhancement that you’ve been looking for!