Lifestyle Galaxy has invested a lot of time through our programmers and security team to make certain their Members have the tools to protect their personal information.

The security we have in place protects the Members and the Company from unwanted hackers and misguided Members who have attempted to defraud the Company.

About 14 years ago, many of our top programmers worked in an anti-fraud team within the banking and credit card fraud industries. They designed and upgraded certain core security systems that protect the funds of financial institutions.

Our team of security experts have created a system that has succeeded in being highly secure and keeping our Members safe. The safety of our Members has always been paramount.

Unfortunately, we’ve had some Members try to defraud the Company by asking the Company to give them money that they withdrew by claiming that their account was hacked. Our team of security experts can easily see if an account was hacked and we log all data, so it’s obvious to us when someone is attempting to defraud us in this way.

We have never seen a situation where an account was hacked that had Two Factor Authentication enabled.

Additionally, in the extremely rare situations where a Member’s account was accessed in an unauthorised way, the following two points were always true:

  • The attacker already knew the Member’s password
    •  – This was commonly because the Member gave their password out to others!
  •  The Member had not turned on Two Factor Authentication at the time

If an attacker already knows someone else’s password they can easily log in to virtually any site on the Internet, just as long as the account owner hasn’t enabled security. Fortunately, Lifestyle Galaxy makes it easy for members to enable security.

Lifestyle Galaxy is known for keeping its members safe though the excellent security options that we provide our members with, our members feel safe and protected.

We have NEVER had a “brute force attack” against a Member’s account succeed!

Our security has a track record of keeping our Members and the Company SAFE.

We have better security features today than most systems in the world, and our security experts are constantly working behind the scenes to mitigate new threats to make sure that our Members are always protected.

If a Member cares about their account security, they shouldn’t share their password with others or use the same password on many different sites on the Internet. Members only need to use the tools that we have provided to them within their back office, for example, by enabling Two Factor Authentication.

We make it very easy for our Members to utilise these security tools directly from their back office. We highly encourage our members to become security conscious and review on a regular basis the tools that we have available for them.

We thank our Members for using a system designed to keep them safe.