We’re excited to announce that Lifestyle Galaxy CEO, Ken Brough will be Hosting an informative yet controversial webinar on Tuesday, the 19th of November!

Many people have the same questions and or concerns about Social Media but hesitate to vocalize their thoughts. If you find yourself asking the following questions, then you MUST attend Ken’s upcoming webinar.

  • I’m a successful Network Marketer, Do I really need Social Media?
  • What is Social Media and how can it help me make money?
  • Is Social Media addictive?
  • Is Social Media is a waste of time?
  • Am I missing out on something? (FOMO)

Social Media affects our lives whether we like it or not! There are over 300 Billion people using Social Media every month. What stage gives your business that kind of audience or reach? Social Media platforms have become a part of our everyday life, we use it for communication, for business, to access information, to learn, to teach, the possibilities are endless. It’s nearly 2020 and Social Media is only going to grow exponentially, do yourself a favor and learn how to capitalize on the benefits of becoming a Social Media Master!

Take 30-45 minutes out of your day, tune into the webinar to receive beneficial information that can potentially help you grow your business and make you money. Ken will also be clarifying key points of the Grand Premier Promotion. Lots of big things happening next week…we’re looking forward to seeing each and everyone one of you on Tuesday’s Webinar with Ken Brough!

Webinar details:

Webinar times (depending on the location/time zone):

The African Countries that will join the Webinar:

  • Cape Town: 5.00 PM SAST
  • Zimbabwe: 5.00 PM CAT

The European Countries that will join the Webinar:

  • Netherlands: 4.00 PM CEST

The South East Asia Region that will join:

  • Philippines: 11.00 PM PST
  • Malaysia: 11.00 PM MYT

EVERYONE is invited to attend…
Be sure to reserve your spot ASAP!