This effects certain types of mining. It will not have any effect on our newest mining facilities which includes all EcoPod Type-2 mining facilities.

This cannot effect S2 or S3 GPU “MultiMining” rigs or BCH rigs in our new EcoPod Type-2 mining facilities.

We are currently working on a redeployment strategy to deploy any of the mining equipment that was affected in a separate facility NOT controlled by Giga Watt.

There will be a pause in mining rewards for effected equipment during the time it takes to complete the redeployment.

Our core focus is always to do the best possible for our members and we are also working on a strategy to subsidise our member’s mining, even if this causes the company to lose money in the short term. We will always do right by our members.

We will be providing you with more updates shortly as the updates become available on the redeployment and subsidising strategy and on all other pertinent updates.