Auction Galaxy proudly announces that an EXCLUSIVE Auction Galaxy Roadshow will be held this week in the South East Asia Region ONLY!

This will be held this Friday 23 November 2018.

Time: Malaysia 8.30 pm MYT , Singapore 8.30 pm, Philippines 8.30 pm

This event takes the form of an ‘open’ auction where the Auction will not held at one of the Business Events, but at this planned time where Value Club Members from Malaysia, Singapore and Philippines may participate from the comfort of their homes or wherever they are!

Value Club Members are reminded to buy their bid-credits before the time. Every time anyone in your tree purchases one of the Bid packages listed on the Auction Galaxy site, 50% of the purchase price will be put through the Tree as CV volume!

It’s very exciting that the CV is immediately put through the tree when a bid pack is purchased, which has already allowed certain members to cycle multiple times during an auction!

There will be 3 incredible auctions on the day: 

Items on auction will be digital prizes in the form of parts of Crypto Currency and Mining Packages! Right now, qualifying for parts of CryptoCurrency at a massively reduced price is going to make the day so worth it. Qualifying for a Mining Package at a massively reduced price is also exciting!

The Prizes are:

  1. $250 ETHEREUM
  2. $500 BITCOIN
  3. $500 Litecoin Mining Package
  4. $1000 S3 MultiMining Package

Note to other bidders around the globe: this is an ‘OPEN’ Auction Roadshow, but ONLY bidders bidding in Malaysia, Singapore and Philippines may participate.

We construct our Auction Galaxy Roadshows in ways to suit the growing model we are building through our  testing of new frontiers as we grow!

We are super excited about this next event in the South East Asia Region!