Lifestyle Galaxy cares about its Members success and today we would like to share 16 Junior Influencer Mastery Checklist items that help you monitor your mastery of the Junior Influencer Product.

How can you be sure that you’ve mastered Junior Influencer?

There are no shortcuts to success and you will need to have 16 Junior Influencer Mastery Checklist items completed and mastered! All of these need to be completed before you start going through the Pro Influencer Product.

Soon we will have the Checklist Items as part of the Master Influencer Back office, divided per Product. That means you will have Junior Checklist Items, Pro Checklist Items and Master Checklist items that will help you track your success.

Here are the 16 Junior Influencer Mastery Checklist items:

  1. Fully installed and mastered Instagram
  2. Understanding of IG terms, engagement, posts and searches
  3. Practical mastery of Hashtags
  4. Optimized Profile and Bio
  5. Selected my Niche and Category
  6. The basics of brand building content
  7. High quality targeted photos on My Instagram
  8. Defined my Target Audience. This is completely different from defining your niche
  9. Understanding how to maximize and monetize my followers
  10. Tips and tricks for best content and photos
  11. Advanced feature usage
  12. The Sneaky comment strategy is and applying it well
  13. Created my “Story”
  14. A clear understanding of engaging content
  15. Connected and partnered up with other influencers
  16. Built growth through Feature Accounts

Invest in yourself today &
own those Junior Influencer skills!