WE ARE WINNING and there is LOTS of GREAT NEWS about our mines.

We have not been allowed to tell our members all of the good news and this has been frustrating for us.

There is more tremendously good news than people might be aware of.

Here is what we can share with our Members now who own EcoPods:

1. The EcoPod has been secured.

2. All of the equipment has been secured.

3. The local power provider has agreed to turn the power back on “very shortly”.

4. Up front, money was paid to ensure that the mining can start as soon as possible.

5. Highly competent technical staff will make sure that the member’s mining equipment is turned on carefully as required to prevent damage to the miners. This is a very careful technical process and it’s been handled very carefully by technical experts.

Additionally, for our members with original non-EcoPod Mining Facilities:

6. All miners within the original (old) non-EcoPod mining facility are in the process of being moved to a new facility in order to also be turned on again.


Members are not even close to realising and understanding how difficult and EXPENSIVE this process has been.

This is another powerful demonstration of how the company has gone above and beyond the call of duty to protect and benefit its members.

More money has been spent to HELP AND SUPPORT our members than our members can possibly imagine.

The company has worked many endless nights before resting, on behalf of our members.

It’s impossible to count the times that we wished that we could press a button and make things how everyone wished. Once again, the company has gone above and beyond on behalf of its members.

This update contains a LOT of valuable information and REALLY GOOD NEWS with as many specifics as we are LEGALLY allowed to share.

One more point:

7. The Silver Lining to it all is that there are additional benefits that we are working towards. Those will be blessings for our members that wouldn’t have been possible before.

We’re always looking to win big for our members and we are WINNING.