The amazing opportunity to upgrade your mining hardware from S1 to S3 is coming to an end. As stated in our Announcement “S1 to S3 GPU Promotional Limited Time Offer Upgrade!”, this was a very special, limited time offer that ends on Thursday, 20th of December at 11:59 PM PST.

The New S3 Rackmount Equipment is so much more than a major hardware upgrade. There are multiple benefits in each upgrade, including:

• Better Mining Results due to Lower Fees of the superior EcoPod Type-2 Mining Facility.

• Ability to mine new coins (like Monero and many more in the future)

• It’s GALAXIAS capable

• Faster – due to superior cooling technologies

• Longer Lasting – due to superior cooling technologies

• Much lower cost than purchasing new S3 Equipment (less than 1/3rd the cost)

This Mining Equipment Upgrade is a Major Benefits Revolution and a one time Opportunity that you DON’T want to miss out!

Disappointingly, there are people who will miss out on this offer and wish that they had acted in time.

Upgrade your S1 to S3 Equipment today and enjoy all of the additional benefits! For More information on how to upgrade read our Announcement “How to Upgrade S1 MultiMining Equipment”.
Don’t miss out.