Protecting our brand is and will always be very important to us as a Company, not just to protect ourselves, but also to ensure the long term future of all of our compliant Members and Independent Representatives.

As we have stated for years on “Lifestyle Galaxy demands high ethical standards and compliance from itself and from all of its Members and Independent Representatives.”

That is one of the reasons we’ve implemented the Compliance Quiz which is Mandatory for all Independent Representatives: We ensure that our entire marketing team fully understands and follows all our legal and ethical guidelines.

Our Compliance Quiz is rather unique in the world of Online Business Opportunities and is yet another demonstration of how we always remain legally compliant and will go above and beyond to stand out as well as to stand the test of time.

Our company logos may not be used in any promotion of multiple products, services or opportunities, other than within our Galaxy of Products.

Our Brand and Company Logos may be used in marketing materials you have created to promote our products, services and/or business opportunity with prior written approval from the Company.

As a Company, we have never made any income claims or earning estimates as no one can predict the future or individual’s results from a business opportunity perspective because those are fully depending on their efforts and level of skill-set.

These high ethical standards include not allowing cross sponsoring or cross promoting. To be totally clear: it is not allowed to go to people who are not in your direct line of sponsorship. Our policies and procedures are very clear on this as well.

As a company, Lifestyle Galaxy has never has been connected to any other products except for the products within the ever-expanding Galaxy of Products within Lifestyle Galaxy.

We are committed to strong legal compliance now and in the future and count on all of our members to continue acting in full compliance with our ethical standards and all of our compliance policies.