We are excited to announce that there will be two very Special Official Webinars from the company happening this weekend. We decided to have 2 webinars in order to cover different country time zones and so that all of our members are able to hear wonderful news that we want to share. Feel free to join the Webinar that fits you better (time-wise).

The first Webinar will happen on Saturday (6th of April 2019) at 3 PM MYT.

The second Webinar will happen on Sunday (7th of April 2019) at 5 PM SAST.

We will share:

  • A number of big good news updates on Mining
  • Points in the Tree Bonanza
  • Maximum leverage – Discover a system designed to generate constant stream of points in the tree through infinite levels … and more

This is a special Webinar You don’t want to miss!

Map out the time in your calendar and Stay tuned! The Webinar link will be posted in an upcoming announcement.