After negotiating even better power rates within one of it’s mining facilities, on the 19th of April, we provided all members who had purchased S15 miners with new S17 Pros. The S15 miners will continue to mine at the mining facility on the company’s behalf.

Since the company lost money on this, it was a one time gift that will never take place again. In the future, we will continue working to find ways the best ways for our members to have the latest equipment.

The superior power rates which provide superior rewards took months of work and negotiation.

However, the company has also been working very hard behind the scenes in order to provide good news to all members with older Bitcoin mining equipment who will be able to take advantage of it at a higher level with what we are coming out with.

This proves again that Lifestyle Galaxy is the safest place for real-world favourable long term mining. We are always working hard on behalf of our members.