We’re honored to announce that our very own Jean Maurien, has completed his 50th year of Formula racing with a double championship! Jean had an outstanding start to 2019 by commanding pole position in his first race. He ran the 2019 season with the number 2 plate on his car. While that would be enviable for most drivers, Jean decided to go for the number 1 plate. (Plate number indicates the position that a racer finished in total points standing the previous year.) Even though Jean endured two accidents this year and some mechanical mishaps, he not only persevered, (with no injuries thankfully) but finished the year with the number 1 points position nationally, after winning both 1st place in the Formula Monoposto and Formula Libre championship series.

Jean began his racing career at the age of 16, 49 years later he has achieved hundreds of victories and thousands of trophies. Jean’s love of speed combined with skills honed over a lifetime led him to hold a season standing in top 4 several times. He is humble about his victories, just saying, “I just love going fast.” Jean’s sense of humor is shown as he tells stories about the younger drivers making fun of the “old man”, that is until all they can see is the rear end of his car.

The championship car carried the logo and colors of the Lifestyle Galaxy throughout the year. We are proud to showcase this true champion, who is an example to all of us on living life and lifestyle to the fullest every day. He exemplifies the Lifestyle Galaxy Mission in all ways.

Not only is Jean impressive on the track, but he and his wife and partner, Yogi, can be found at many charity events, always eager to help others with their altruistic personalities.

Lifestyle Galaxy is honored to have our logo and design featured on our Champion’s race car. Lifestyle Galaxy is ecstatic to celebrate Jean and his many accomplishments over the last several years, especially his 2019 season. We couldn’t be more proud of Jean’s achievements this year. We wish him many years of success and several more Championships to come.

Lifestyle Galaxy and Master Influencer are planning to participate in sponsorship in 2020 for Jean, but this time it will be on the car with the #1 Plate. (Woo Hoo!) Congratulate Jean on his success the next time you see him in person (or online) and cheer him on in the 2020 racing season.

Stay tuned to hear more updates about the Lifestyle Galaxy / Master Influencer sponsorships for Jean Maurien’s #1 car in 2020.