We are excited to announce the January 2019 Promotion and VIP Auction

This Limited Time Promotion will take place: 4th of January through the 10th of January 2019, ending at 11:59 PST.

During this promotion, for every Value Club Member signed into the Business and reflecting ON the system, 20 VIP Bid Credits will be awarded.


  • 1 x Value Club Member (VCM) = 20 VIP Bid Credits
  • 2 x Value Club Member (VCM)= 40 VIP Bid Credits
  • 3 x Value Club Member (VCM)= 60 VIP Bid Credits

This Promotion and VIP Auction Features:

  • Shorter time period!
  • Lower VIP Bid Credits!
  • Enhanced VIP Auction Items!
  • Equals explosive action (snooze you lose)!

These Special VIP Bid Credits are the only type of bids which can be used with our exclusive VIP Auctions! VIP Bid Credits cannot be bought… they can ONLY be WON!

A special auction event will take place on Saturday, 12th of January 2019 and will include BOTH Regular Open Auction and VIP Auction! The Regular Open Auction will accept normal bid credits and the amazing VIP Auction will be in session using VIP Bid Credits at the SAME time!

(Remember: Only Members with VIP Bid Credits will be able to bid on the VIP Auction!)

Regular OPEN Auction:
Date: Saturday, 12th of January 2019

Regular OPEN Auction Prizes:

  • $100 Bid Credit Pack
  • $500 USD worth of BCH
  • $500 S3 MultiMining Package
  • $1000 S3 MultiMining Package

Times of Regular OPEN Auction:

The African Countries that will join this Auction:

  • South Africa 1:00 pm SAST
  • Namibia 1:00 pm SAST
  • Zimbabwe 1:00 pm SAST
  • Kenya 1:00 pm SAST
  •  Nigeria 1:00 pm SAST

The European Countries that will join the Auction:

  • Netherlands 12 am (midday) CEST
  • Belgium 12 am CEST
  • UK 11 am BST

The 3rd Continent that will join:

  • Australia 10:00 pm Australian Time

The South East Asia Continent that will join:

  • Malaysia 7:00 pm MST
  • Singapore 7:00 pm
  • Philippines 7:00 pm

VIP Bid Auction:
A VIP Bid Auction will take place at the SAME time as the OPEN Auction which will take place on Saturday, 12th of January 2019.

Prizes for the VIP Bid Auction:

  • $250 Credit to be applied to S1 to S3 upgrade
  • $500 USD worth of BTC
  • $500 S3 MultiMining Package with GALAXIAS Mining Ability
  • $2000 S3 MultiMining Package with GALAXIAS Mining Ability

Important Note: Apply unused VIP Credits on this auction

Take immediate action to qualify for this Promotion and VIP Auction!

These auctions Supercharge your 2019 results!