We’d like to thank all of the members who responded so favorably on our last Revelation Webinar. The members who attended are excited on how rapidly the company is moving to provide them greater benefits.

Since our Revelation Webinar, our S15 miners are now providing even more rewards to our members than ever before, this is due to all the things that were discussed during the Revelations Webinar which includes lower energy cost and more control by the company.

Additional CV has now been activated in the Tree from Mining, starting with the new S15 miners. This CV enhancement provides additional benefits and opportunities which dramatically benefit our members.

This enhanced CV from S15 Miners will be available through June 30th, 2019. These CV rewards have increased by up to 3x on new S15 miners during this limited offering. This enhancement will be provided to all our current S15 miners and all those who purchase S15 now.

Keep in mind the S15 Miners work for both Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash mining. Be sure to see our previous announcements on the specials that we are running.

Many other major “revelations” were provided on the Webinar which discloses additional CV opportunities which benefit our members. The recording of this webinar will be made available by this Friday, April 12th, 2019.