1. For BTC mining Standard and EcoPod the Company is now subsidising members at a higher rate.

The company has purchased and allocated more BTC mining equipment mining for its members in order to subsidise the BTC mining of our members at a higher rate.

2. In addition to member’s Bitcoin Mining Equipment, we are working to restore the sales of Bitcoin Mining hardware. Specifically, we are currently evaluating the new Bitcoin S15 miners and will make this enhanced series of Bitcoin miners available for purchase if this new series of equipment is as good as it’s supposed to be.

3. We have seen a recent increase in BTC price and Value and have witnessed a number of positive signs within the Crypto space.

We’ve witnessed companies like Apple, Facebook and Microsoft getting involved in Cryptocurrencies. While the price has suffered, the fundamental technological value has increased. Some of the world’s largest institutions and universities have also been buying in while the price has been lower.

4. This announcement is being released when Bitcoin has gone up over 6% in one day (!) and Ethereum has gone up almost 15%!

5. We’re not surprised that Ethereum is going up faster than Bitcoin. We passionately believe that MultiMining is the future, especially with our newest mining facilities where the new MultiMining equipment resides.

6. As a company, we are actively involved in finding many new ways to benefit our members, which includes enhancing MultiMining by expanding the types of cryptocurrencies available.

The challenges that have hit us would have destroyed lesser companies many times over. However, not only are we still standing, we are pushing forward stronger than ever and doing what is needed to continue improving our member’s future.

There are a number of major projects that we are working on which we believe will provide major benefits to our members.

At the highest level, Lifestyle Galaxy is making all the right moves to become one of the premiere players in the Blockchain space.