With honour and great pleasure we would like to recognize Logan Vadivel, for his remarkable success for nearly 10 years with Lifestyle Galaxy. His accomplishments and vision have set him apart and made him one of the most sought after Network Marketing coaches in Malaysia. As the founder and CEO of Legacy Networks Worldwide Sdn Bhd, Logan has coached and mentored thousands of members from all walks of life.

Logan has mentored and created, inside of Lifestyle Galaxy, not one, but two 7 figure income earners. Both 7 Figure income earners, Pavitra Sathasivan & Edwin Rajan, were introduced to Lifestyle Galaxy in 2012 by Logan. In addition, Logan has also personally coached multiple 6 and 5 figure income earners forever changing their lives in a positive way. Logan is the one and only Network Marketing coach in Malaysia to be multilingual and run trainings in three different languages. His coaching is second to none and his students’ success is proof of that every day.

Not only is Logan an outstanding coach and mentor but he’s also produced massively successful events for Lifestyle Galaxy. We are extremely grateful and appreciate Logan’s dedication and unswerving loyalty.

When asked about what Lifestyle Galaxy meant to him Logan replied with,Being driven alone doesn’t guarantee your life to be steered in a proper direction. You may still miss the destination. You need a good vehicle to reach that point. Lifestyle Galaxy is that vehicle which steered my life in the correct direction when I was in serious debt. Both LG’s vision and my passion motivated me to live a truly fulfilled life. They are certainly my second family and we share a great synergy.

LG not only impacted my life, but also allowed me to impact the lives of many. Lifestyle Galaxy’s long term vision and commitment towards its members has provided me and many others with success and the great lifestyle we are enjoying today.

I’m extremely grateful and indebted to LG corporate for this incredible journey and I’m looking forward to many more inspiring years to come.“

Through Logan’s life journey, he‘s lived by this personal quotation:
 “Trust the YOU completely. Have complete faith in the YOU. In the YOU is the secret to abundance, stop searching for it outside. Do not look for your significance outside, look for it within yourself, and the best thing to do when you’re down is to move forward. Progressing forward will give you hope.”